Scenarios Where Your Company Might Want to Set Up a Point-to-Point Communications Network

Your company likely has multiple different ways to communicate between team members, and maybe you use your work phone on a cellular network or a traditional Wi-Fi network to get most of those phone calls, text messages, e-mails, chat messages, and other forms of communication to wherever they need to go. But you may have also found or anticipated that there are specific situations where traditional lines of communication are just not good enough for your needs. Here's why your company might want to look into a Cambium point-to-point network and how point-to-point communications could benefit your company in a variety of scenarios.

Your Company Is Building Something New and Needs to Communicate Across a Work Site With No Cell Service or Other Forms of Communication Available

Is your company building a new campus but right now it's an empty lot in the middle of the woods? Perhaps there's no cellular network set up in your chosen spot at the moment. A point-to-point network setup may allow you to reach people out on the worksite or communicate with each other across the worksite without needing to rely on your personal cell phone's poor or non-existent connection.

You Want Your Own Private Network to Safeguard Your Most Sensitive Conversations

Do your company executives regularly communicate with each other about sensitive things? Do you have multiple employees who need to stay in touch around the clock to discuss proprietary company information? A point-to-point network can be set-up with security first and foremost in mind. You can create your own private, closed network that can't be accessed by anyone without one of the specific devices designed to be used with the point-to-point network. A point-to-point setup can give your company and employees better peace of mind and allow you to speak freely without worrying about any security concerns.

Point-to-Point Communications May Be More Affordable and Sustainable Than Installing Yet Another Business Phone Line

Cambium point-to-point is a wireless solution that uses an IP-based network to get the job done. If you need additional ways to communicate on your property, but you don't want to set up yet another traditional business line at someone's cubicle, swapping the entire company over to point-to-point might bring some benefits. You might find that this form of communication is actually less expensive than what the local phone company is charging for those business lines, and you might find that it's easier to expand your network or bring more people onboard with it as your company continues to grow.