Security System Customization with Home Technology

Protecting your home and family while increasing the chances of justice being delivered is easier than ever. With more sophisticated sensors, higher quality cameras, and multiple ways to monitor your security, you have a lot more control with a smaller investment than in past decades--and you can enhance those benefits on your own terms. Here are a few alarm and residential security options that can be boosted with your own home computer and similar home technology.

Saving Security Information Easier

Many surveillance systems save information either on an internal device or allow a memory card (USB drive, Secure Digital card, or other similar devices) to be added for removable storage. Although such storage is fine for most situations, you can control the information with a few additions or careful changes to the system.

For surveillance systems, many modern cameras are compatible with computers out of the box. They essentially work like webcams when connection, and can attach to either a USB port or a computer-friendly video port. For cameras without computer-compatible ports, ask the manufacturer if an adapter would work and get adapter suggestions for the camera brand and model.

Once connected, you can use any of the many webcam recording, video streaming, or even security camera-specific programs on the market--some may even be packaged with the camera. The information can be saved onto your computer as files that can be copied or moved. You can even use the security cameras as a live video stream, as you can see on sites such as EarthCam

The same can be done with alarm alerts. Many alarm services provide alerts to a security team and/or your mobile device, and this can be changed for more robust alert logs. Alerts can be sent to an email address and automatically archived or labeled for a specific folder, or saved to a computer as an event with a time stamp.

Get the Core Installation First

Although some people build their own security systems--or simply buy a small part of a security system, such as a few cameras--keep in mind that security systems work best when installed properly.

There are many installation techniques that simply aren't common sense. Many crooks are creative, and there are some secure cable and device installation techniques such as burying wire and setting a sensor to detect digging that you may not think of--or be able to do without the right equipment and technique.

Once the core system is installed by a security professional, ask about which upgrades you can make. You may be able to splice the video feed off to your computer or take it directly to your computer, but if thieves are rampant in your area, you don't want to risk giving a thief an idea of how to disarm your security by showing off wires running to your computer. There are entire video game franchises about avoiding such systems.

Contact a security system company like Tele-Plus to find alarm companies for installation, upgrades, and configuration advice.