The Explorer MSAT G3 & What it Offers

If you are looking for a reliable radio communication system, the Explorer MSAT G3 Maybe your best option. Here is a bit of information about the system to help you better understand what it offers.

The Explorer MSAT G3 provides reliable connectivity.

When it comes to radio communication systems, it's important for the system to maintain lines of communication. A dropped call or communication link could prevent life-saving information from reaching the right people.

Still, some radio systems are exclusively linked through cellular modems. This can be problematic, because if a modem fails, communication is lost.

In addition to having modem connections, the Explorer MSAT G3 is linked to satellites for connectivity. This means that regardless of where the radios are located, the system's units are still able to communicate.

The system has intuitive rerouting capabilities.

The Explorer MSAT G3 offers intuitive rerouting of data and voice calls based on the system's determination of the most reliable connectivity available. If one network appears to be unreliable, the system reroutes to another. The Explorer MSAT G3 can move seamlessly between cellular, satellite and LAN connections.

What does the Explorer MSAT G3 system include?

The Explorer MSAT G3 includes a satellite terminal and a terminal with a handset. The satellite terminal of the system can be mounted to a roof and transfers information at incredible speeds.

In what situations is the system suitable?

The Explorer MSAT G3 system is suitable for many types of critical communications, such as those required during emergencies. The system is often recommended for law enforcement officials, emergency workers, homeland security staff and people who work in public safety.

At times, different agencies may need to collaborate concerning an emergency or other important events. Due to the advanced connectivity of the system, it can be used to allow communication between different agencies and departments.

Does the Explorer MSAT G3 connect people around the world?

The service of the Explorer MSAT G3 system is designed for use in North America.

The system is secure.

The Explorer MSAT G3 includes encryption capabilities for high-level communications that need to remain secure.

Does the system include talk time limits?

There's no limit on the talk time associated with the Explorer MSAT G3 system. Additionally, there is no limit on the number of talk groups that may be created with the system.

For more information about the Explorer MSAT G3, contact a vendor of this revolutionary system.