The Business Logistics Benefits Of GPS Tracking For Your Fleet Cars

If your business has a fleet of cars that it uses in your normal day-to-day operations, you may be thinking about installing GPS tracking devices in these cars. There are many logistic benefits to doing so. Taking the time to learn about these benefits may help you decide if it is worth it. Here are a few of the business logistics benefits of GPS tracking your fleet cars. 

You Can Tell if Employees are Where They Say They Are

One of the logistics benefits to having GPS tracking devices installed on your fleet cars is that you can tell if employees are where they say they are. If an employee drives around in a company vehicle handling service calls or deliveries, there are many variables that can affect how long the process takes. An employee may say they are caught in traffic, when in reality, are having a late lunch. Or they may say that the person they were making the delivery at was chatty and they couldn't leave without being rude, when really, they stopped off at home to let their dog out. A GPS tracker allows you to see where your employees are and ensure they are actually working when they are on the clock. 

You Can Efficiently Handle Service Calls

Another benefit to GPS tracking your fleet of business cars is that you can efficiently handle service calls. If you need to send an employee to an address for a service call, you can pull up your tracking information and see which employee is closest to that location. This helps to minimize the amount of driving time employees have, reduces the amount of gas that is used and reduces wear and tear on the cars. Being able to perform this task can increase your business's efficiency and reduce customer wait times. 

You Can Find Your Vehicle If It Gets Stolen

The last logistics benefit to GPS trackers in your fleet of cars is that you can easily and quickly track down the car if it gets stolen or goes missing. You may have to wait weeks for an insurance company to pay you out if a car is stolen, and in the meantime, your business is down a car. This can negatively affect your business. Being able to track the cars can help you recover a stolen vehicle faster and keep your insurance rates as low as possible. 

There are a lot of privacy concerns involved with installing GPS tracking devices on fleet cars. However, the business owns the cars and can decide whether to track them or not. Learning the benefits of doing so may help you make a decision as to whether it is right for your company's fleet of vehicles. To learn more about GPS tracking logistics, talk to companies like StarTrak GPS.